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From the creator of The Twisted Straw...

Twisted History

History doesn't have to be boring, although those who lived through it probably wished it were. Starting on 15 March 2000, we take a look backwards every day. Sometimes we'll use binoculars, looking through them backwards of course. Sometimes we'll use tweezers, only we'll be putting the splinters back in. And with any kind of luck, we'll find a replacement for the pulse cyclimeter that was smashed the last time we took the Wayback Machine for a spin!

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So sign up now for Twisted History, a decidedly skewed look at the events that have brought us from the Neanderthal Age to the Network Era. Daily looks at the madness we've been through, birthdays of the rich and fatuous, uh, the famous and infamous, sometimes illuminated by trenchant quotes from the giants of the ages. Edited by the same long-haired over-fed leaping gnome that created The Twisted Straw!

Sample Issues:
Text version - for traditionalists and AOL users
HTML version - for Netscape and Outlook users who read while connected to the net.

List-A-Day Featured ListThe Archives: All of the issues since the HTML version was launched at the start of April, we will be keeping all future issues on line for those who just have to look back at something they've missed. You'll also find the new search engine available if you know a name or place but don't have the date.

(If you have any problems with your subscription, simply drop us a note.)

What It Is:

  • This Day in History
  • Birthdays of the Infamous
  • Quotes from the cynics and other observers
  • The brightest moments of the Millard Fillmore administration
  • Travel tips from Wrong-Way Corrigan

What It Isn't:

  • Politically Correct
  • The Conventional Wisdom
  • Misspelled
  • Badly formatted

Got a favorite to share, like the date they put the first prize in a box of CrackerJacks? (That was 19 February 1913.) Send it in!

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