Advertise in Twisted History and Quotes of the Day

Twisted History is mailed daily to a growing list of Internet users, by subscription only - pure opt-in, no one is added except by request, and every unsubscribe order we can figure out is processed the same day.

In four months the distribution list has grown to 4,600! (as of 10 July 2000)

The format of each issue is simple: After a brief introduction, the "top position" ad, 3-5 events from today's date in history, one or two holidays from around the world, one or two capsule biographies of historical figures born on today's date, the "bottom position" ad, and a few quotes. The bottom position ad is normally traded with other lists to build circulation, the top position ad is available for your use.

Quotes of the Day is also mailed daily with a shorter format: A very brief introduction, the top position ad, and the quotes. (We still call it the top position because it's in the prime spot, even though there isn't a bottom ad in QOTD.) We took over Quotes of the Day in June 2000, current total is 5,500 (as of 10 July 2000).

We appreciate our readers and won't insult their intelligence or annoy them with ads just for a few bucks. We do not advertise items that are sexually explicit, hateful, addictive, or illegal. We probably aren't interested in multi-level merchandising schemes. If you aren't sure about the suitability of your ad, mail a copy to

Both publications are mailed in two formats, traditional or text-mode is pure ASCII text 60 characters wide for widest compatibility or as HTML depending on the preference of the subscribers. Text ads may be up to ten lines long including all URLs and address information, HTML banner ads must be the standard 468 x 60 pixel dimensions. Text ads can be run in the HTML version. Because the HTML version of Quotes of the Day is very recent, only about 5% of those readers are subscribing to HTML, just under 50% of Twisted History subscribers read the HTML version.

Running an ad in Twisted History or Quotes of the Day costs only $4.00 per thousand subscribers. A single ad placed in both lists (10,000 subscribers, less than 5% duplication) costs just $3.00 per thousand. (Same ad running on same day in both, URL or other links in the ad can be different in each placement.)

Two to four ads ordered and paid for will earn a 10% discount, five to nine ads will be 15% off, ten or more ads will be 20% off the rates above. We accept checks and PayPal. Ads can be bought as far as 90 days in advance at today's subscription numbers to take advantage of our growing subscription base at no extra cost.

To place an order, inquire about available dates, or to check on suitability of an ad, inquire to