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Constant readers appreciate the detail and range of Twisted History, and many understand the hours of time that it takes to create this daily mailing. I hate to beg, but ....

Twisted History represents several thousand dollars in database development, web hosting, a dedicated server for the database and mailing system, and bandwidth charges. Each issue requires three to five hours of research and writing as well as about a half hour to be sure that the mailing list is as accurate as humanly possible. (You'd be amazed at the almost-right addresses we get!)

It happens to be a lot of fun to do this, but that doesn't pay the rent. Internet advertising, other than at the biggest sites, has been disappointing this year. I thought I'd be rolling in money from advertising revenue from my various publshing projects, but it hasn't been the case, not this year anyway. So though I have no interest in making this a paid-subscription publication, with all the bookkeeping that entails, I do encourage satisfied readers to contribute. Any amount is welcome, the $5.00 gifts from those who just want to be on record as supporting Twisted History to the surprising number of $50 contributions.

There are two ways to send your gift. You can use PayPal to instantly send funds from your credit card or PayPal account, or you can simply mail a check

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